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We are possibly the world sole manufacturer only making the cosmetics and perfume packing boxes.

With our persistence for seventeen years, we have done one thing only. During such 17 years, we only strove for one thing, i.e. cosmetics and perfume packing boxes.

Kingsbox Luxe Pack Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-invested enterprise, and a professional luxe packing printing manufacturer integrating high-end UV printing and exquisite handcraft as a whole.

We have the full set of German printing equipment, such as Heidelberg 6C+1 & 5C+1 high-speed UV printing new machine and 4C-CD thick paper printing machine, German Polar paper cutting machine, Taiwan automatic high-speed box gluing machine, full-automatic high-speed hot stamping machine, and more than 300 employees.

We are specifically good at the printing of high-quality gold and silver cards and making of high-demand hardcover gift boxes.